Salary Trends & Market Intelligence: Consumer Goods Industry – Indonesia

25 Jan 2022
Salary Trends & Market Intelligence: Consumer Goods Industry – Indonesia

Digital Acceleration in the Consumer Goods Sector

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a major influence in consumer behavior. The pandemic pushed all sectors to accelerate their digital transformation, a trend that will continue in 2022. Consumer’s shopping mindset is changing as people are more cautious about how much they spend and more people prefer to do their shopping online now compared to before the pandemic.

The rising e-commerce adoption is supported by Indonesian citizens’ demographic conditions as one of the world’s most active social media users and are mainly tech-savvy middle-class workers.

Hiring Advice

With the prediction that the consumer goods sector will begin to recover in 2022, recruiters are going to face increased competition as companies are trying to hire at the same time.

Streamlined applicant experience that offers easy application process can be a determining factor in attracting a top talent.

Consider investing in technology designed to meet the needs of hiring managers and identify inefficiencies in your hiring process.

With the loosening of ‘work from home’ regulations from the government, most companies opt to implement a hybrid working schedule where employees may come to the office few times in a week.

Accommodating remote employees and those in the office can be a tricky balance. Few strategies can be put in place to make a smooth hybrid working experience, such as:

  • Setting clear goals and expectation
  • Evenly distribute information flow
  • Providing ongoing technical training


Retention & Attraction

It’s important to understand what makes an employee stay or leave. Understanding these reasons will help create better work environment so you can retain the best talents and continuously attract new ones to your team.

Reasons to Stay

  • Attractive compensation package with competitive base salary, benefits, and bonus
  • Exposure to the company’s operation in other cities/countries
  • Well-known brand image/presence in the region
  • Recognition and appreciation of their works
  • Genuine care of the company
  • Availability of mentors who offer advice and assistance

Reasons to Leave

  • Lack of career development opportunity
  • Better remuneration package offered by others
  • Lack of work-life balance
  • Feeling conflicted with workplace policies
  • Require more independence
  • Want a different work environment
  • Seek a better management relationship

From Attraction to Retention

Your talent attraction plan is crucial to bringing people into the business who are a great fit and likely to commit for the long term. Losing top performers can have a great effect on productivity and more resources may have to be dedicated to recruit new people.

Implementing a robust talent attraction plan can give your company an edge to attract the best candidates and positively impact their decision to commit to your business for many years.

In establishing an effective talent attraction plan, consider the following:

  • COMPETITIVE SALARY AND BENEFITS. Survey existing employees to see how they feel about their pay and benefits and whenever possible, stay ahead of what competitors offer.
  • STRONG COMPANY IDENTITY. Take time to identify and communicate your company values so that you can attract candidates who are a great fit.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Be clear about the career development path in your company and available courses or training programs offered to acquire new skills.

Employee retention needs to be top of mind for any company as the cost of losing top talent can be immense.

Here are a few strategies to remedy retention problems in the consumer goods sector:

  • FOCUS ON EMPLOYEE WELLNESS. The pandemic has put mental health into sharp focus and more people are willing to leave their jobs if they feel that it has affected their mental well-being. Companies can prevent this by establishing a strong employee-focused wellness program.
  • PROVIDE AVENUES FOR DEVELOPMENT. Explore providing coaching programs, continuing education, or certification programs to give your employees a chance to learn new skills. You can also do rotation from one department to others so employees can teach one another new skills.
  • OFFER ENTICING INCENTIVES. A global survey found that 85% of workers feel more motivated when an incentive is offered. Monetary incentives like referral programs and profit-sharing are always attractive but other incentives like wellness rewards, monthly fun events, and extra paid time off are also excellent options.

Work with a Recruiter

In the competitive consumer goods sector, recruitment can be a long and drawn-out process for the hiring manager.

That’s why many companies have turned to using recruiters to not only look for top candidates, but ensure that they are the right fit to be with the company for the long haul. With years of industry experience, recruiters’ extensive network of resources and disciplined search process can help you to find the right high-caliber talents who will be a positive impact to your business growth and success.

With the projected recovery of the consumer goods sector, candidates have more opportunities to choose jobs that can help accommodate their personal and professional goals. Stand out from the crowd by ensuring you have the most effective talent attraction strategy in place to build a team of highly skilled professionals who can work together to achieve organizational goals.


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